Forms and Documents

Lab Training and Orientation

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Mandatory Training for New Graduate Students

2. Health and Safety Awareness Training for Workers
3. Workplace Violence and Harassment Prevention
4. Sexual Violence Education and Prevention: Module 1
5. Infectious Disease Training


Additional required training modules for instructors and TAs:

1. Ontario Tech Accessible Instruction Module for Educators
2. AODA General Requirements
3. AODA Customer Service Standard
4. AODA Employment Standard
5. AODA Information & Communications Standard
6. Working Together: The Code and the AODA

Forms, Information and Templates

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1. Lab Access Form Download
2. Reimbursement Form Download
3. GRA Form Download
4. Ph.D. Thesis and Candidacy Link
5. M.A.Sc. Thesis Link
6. Research Progress Reports Link
7. GRASP presentation template (Microsoft Office PPT) Download
8. Presentation Evaluation Form Download
8. IEEE Conference template Link