Reserach Resources

Reserach Papers

ID Description Link
1. University's Library Link
2. IEEE Xplore Link
3. Engineering Village Link
4. ACM Digital Library Link
5. Link

Paper Writing and Publishing

ID Description Link
1. Writing support for graduate students (OntarioTechU) Link
2. Journal Citation Reports (JCR) Link
Potential Journals for Robotics and Mechatronics Work
List of IEEE Transactions Link
Ranks of the Robotics Journals Link
Ranks of the Automation and Control Theroy Journals Link

Reserach Tools

ID Description Link
1. ROS (Robotics Operating System) Link
2. ROS 2 Link
3. Robotics Toolbox by Peter Corke Link
4. CoppeliaSim (VRep): Robot Simulator Link
5. OpenCV Link
6. PyTorch Link
7. Blender Link
8. Unreal Engine Link
9. nVidia Isaac Sim Link
10. CARLA Simulator Link
11. Weights and Biases Link

Manuals and Technical Documentations

ID Description Link
1. Clearpath Husky Mobile Robot Link
2. Universal UR5 Robotic Arm Link
3. Turtlebot Link